Consultant - Sustainable Cities

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Consultant - Sustainable Cities


(Please note that fluency in Dutch is required for this position)

Metabolic works with companies, governments, and NGOs to provide critical insights on transitioning to a sustainable economy.

Our cities team focuses on many facets of the urban environment; it combines environmental sciences and spatial analysis. We perform urban metabolism analyses to see where and how to close energy, water, and material cycles; and we create sustainability and circularity strategies for cities and regions, as well as islands, festivals, and neighborhoods. Our work can sometimes be quite technical, as sustainability questions are often complex, data-intensive, and context-dependent.

We're looking for someone that can independently manage projects and work together within a small team, combining qualitative and quantitative analysis. 

Underpinning your knowledge, passion, and experience within the urban environment, you should have a deep understanding of environmental issues and be familiar with systems thinking. You should be opinionated about key issues relating to sustainability but be open-minded and intellectually curious. You should be capable of thinking on your feet, understanding that it's not just important what you know but how you think.

Next to our consulting work, we create tools, develop new ventures, and build community capacity from the bottom-up. So while the position itself is quite analytical, we're a team with a diverse set of interests and an entrepreneurial mentality.

This position has the starting date of March 2019 but can be flexible. It requires you to live in or near Amsterdam and is a full-time commitment. The deadline to apply is January 31st, 23:59 (Central European Time).


  • Educational background in geography, spatial and urban planning, urban environmental management, or similar.
  • 2+ years of working experience
  • Fluency in Dutch and English
  • Knowledge of urban infrastructure and how it works, including energy, sanitation, and waste systems
  • Foundation of sustainability thinking around core issue areas, such as energy, agriculture, industrial processes, urban challenges, and/or resource recovery